Where to start?

First of all there are some basic factors for choosing partners: gender, age, spoken language and place where you have free time.
Then people have to share interest in some realizable project.
Often these reasons are intertwined and starting from a motivation you can get to another.
This is the reason why ciao111.com can be useful.

Which activities?

There are many activities we do on our own, but we can also share them with others. Everything becomes more fun and interesting if we find the right friend.
Here we make a short list of activities just to start discussing the topic, but we are sure you know many more:


  • Hiking with the racing bicycle.
  • Routes in the countryside or in the hills with mountain bikes.
  • Holidays by taking a long trip with the bike.
  • Trips with the motorcycle.
  • Holidays with the motorcycle.
  • Visit cities of art.
  • Dancing.
  • Attend dance classes.
  • Jogging.
  • Walking through trails in the woods, in scenic places, by the lakes, by the seaside.
  • Running in the city or rural races.
  • Get organized to participate in the marathon of an important city: London, Milan, Paris, New York, Venice, etc.
  • Look for a partner before taking a cruise.
  • Go skiing.
  • Sport fishing.
  • Find fans of ping pong or table tennis.
  • Playing tennis, squash, golf, etc.
  • Go to the pool to swim or do water aerobics at the gym.


  • Share ... fatigue in the gym.
  • Attend concerts.
  • Cooking and exchanging ideas for recipes, even from different cultures.
  • Share passion for dogs and/or cats.
  • Lunch or dinner with people of the same year of birth.
  • Friends for playing cards: poker, bridge, etc.
  • Play chess.
  • Volunteering for your municipality or neighborhood.
  • Organizing voluntary work for people in difficulty.
  • Do mountain climbing or mountaineering.
  • Offer friendship to foreign people, in your city for work, for example with the possibility of learning or teaching a language.
  • Rediscover the passion to skate on ice or on wheels.
  • Looking for friends with the same passion in botany, floriculture, pets, etc.
  • Do sports training in general.