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Activities in the pool are fun for both adults and children. 

Doing sports in the pool is a very fun and useful experience for both adults and children.
In the water you can do different activities: swimming, therapeutic gymnastics, team games or just playing.

There are small pools that are essentially dedicated to water gymnastics for adults and teach very small children to love water.
In these spaces adults of any age, people with disabilities and even those who cannot swim or have little confidence with water, can all find great help and amusement.


Gymnastics in water is not just for fun, it is also an activity that strengthens the muscles tone, especially the pectorals, shoulders, lower and upper limbs, develops more agile movements, stimulates blood circulation and breathing, it is useful for the cholesterol balance, diabetes and asthma.
With 30 minutes of activity in the water you burn about 200 kcal, so a little more than running.

Those who have learned to swim well or intend to learn by attending a swimming course can refer to even more offers.

However there are also some contraindications, for example those who are too sensitive to chlorine (for this reason some specialized pools use salt water), pregnant women and those who suffer from ear infections must be cautious; in any case, consulting a doctor before starting a real therapy is always necessary.

Sometimes the limit that slows down swimming is the laziness of doing a new activity or that we have not done for a long time.
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