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Cooking with friends? How to do.

Lunch or dinner in the company cannot be organized every day, but cooking with friends is nice. Cooking in pairs is tantalizing and romantic, even if not everyone has a partner with whom to share the joys of the stove.


So cooking with friends is definitely a beautiful, fun and challenging thing, but requires a little of your organizational skills and ability to work in a team. You must accept to learn, to teach when needed and not to insist on imposing your own ideas even if you are convinced that they are the best. Experiencing a new idea can be an educational surprise. Do not pretend to get the perfect dishes, the goal is not to prove to be a great cook, but to relate with friends.

If you do not have a generous kitchen in the spaces, or if the time available is limited, it does not matter.
Do not plan a menu that is too complex, at least the first time you try to cook with somebody.


The atmosphere also plays a decisive role. Avoid loud music, when you have to work it is preferable a discreet, but pleasant background.

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