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Stroll or walk. What is better for your body and your mind?

The word stroll first brings to mind an action made only by elderly people, perhaps with a small dog or by moms and dads when they stroll around small children. Instead, when we want to get out of the statistics of sedentary people, we immediately think of the verb run or at least walk.

Actually we all stroll quite often, for example in a shopping centre or during free time along an avenue with little traffic, in a park, in a historical town centre, on the shore of a lake, of a river, at the sea.
Strolling is relaxing, but it is better to do it in company, talking, walking, spending leisure time pleasantly, it improves fitness and is good for health.


If we are alone, sometimes it can happen we talk to someone.
Too often, however, the people around us are walking fast or running, because that is not their free time.

But if we should try to go out with a neighbour? Maybe a neighbour we do not know yet, ... so we have more topics to chat.
Or if we should try to go out with people who live or will go on vacation in the same place where we will go and at the same time?

How do we do it? There are no systems that guarantee to find the right people right away, but we can try.
Internet today helps us a lot. A site dedicated to meeting people could give an interesting result. A search site for meetings between men and women, but not dedicated only to sex or marriage.

Why not try it? It costs nothing and you can make an advert in a few minutes. Indeed, if you have different ideas you can make different ads, so there are more chances.
Moreover, it is very easy to select who has already made an advert in an area of your choice.


Are you looking for a strolling companion?

Are you looking for company to go strolling with?

Post an advert on this site, it is easy to find someone for strolling together.
You can also find people to go swimming, walking, running, traveling, skiing, fishing, playing cards, playing tennis, looking for friends, etc.

You can sign up quickly and easily, it costs nothing.
When you are registered you can search strolling companions already registered.

Or make a free ad to find strolling companions in the area you prefer. You can also read adverts and communicate with people who have other interests similar to yours.

Signing up with is free.
You can change or modify your subscription at any time without costs or troubles.

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