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How to trekking? It's not necessary to go too far, plan it.

The term trekking refers to an excursion in the middle of nature, a long path, walking slowly.
Usually trekking enthusiasts prefer mountain areas, but can also be done in the countryside and in the woods in the lowlands.

There are various types of trekking.
Those that require good physical fitness because they face high-altitude trails, descents and ascents on roads that are sometimes difficult to do, planning an itinerary with stops during the night in the shelters.
Those more moderate, where you always sleep in the same place and every morning you go out to discover a new path.


In all cases it is preferable to go trekking with friends, especially to take an action if anything unexpected should happen, but some experienced trekkers love to do it even in a solitary way.

Before leaving, it is advisable to check the weather forecast for the area where you must go.
If it is the first time, the advice is to use a pair of shoes suitable and above all comfortable, a backpack not bulky, but large enough to put everything you need, sun hat in summer and waterproof jacket in rainy periods.
A camera for photos lovers, but also a good mobile phone can capture toils and best moments of the journey.


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