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Tennis teaches ability to repeat coordinated movements

Tennis is practiced with a ball and two opposing players (or two pairs), each with a racket. The aim of the game is to send the ball in the opposite field, in the areas delimited by lines. The ball is hit with the racket, on the fly or only after a rebound.


It is a game that requires physical strength, precision, dexterity, coordination of movements and resistance, moreover especially if the sport is practiced at a competitive level, the tactics and the mental factor are essential.

This game besides heart circulation and breathing, strengthens your muscles, regulates weight, improves metabolism, teaches speed of action and ability to repeat coordinated movements in a short time.

The negative note is that tennis tends to develop only one side of the musculature of your body. This problem can be compensated by a suitable workout in the gym.

Being a game to do in pairs, it is often convenient to make arrangements with a friend who habitually can schedule free time the same as you, to book the camp.


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