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Yoga alone or with friends ?

When you want to describe the discipline of Yoga, you must immediately clarify that it is not a sport, it is not a sect and not even a religion in the sense that it is given in the Western world. Yoga is a tool you use to make your body and mind better.

It is based on the traditions of thousands of years of some Asian peoples.
Researchers of the history of oriental religions date back to about 2500 years ago the first writings referring to this discipline with the term Yoga. But the philosophy of life and meditation of Yoga has much older origins.
Yoga in the modern sense has spread all over the world starting from India at the end of 1800.


What are the benefits of Yoga?
Yoga enters your life in a complete way, starts with the positions, but also researches a healthy lifestyle, which is based on some moral and ethical norms.
By practicing Yoga you grow in your way of thinking, it helps you feel good, in shape, makes you happy with your life and helps you give meaning to your existence.

It may happen that you approach the Yoga only to alleviate for example an annoying backache, but then as time passes you realize that you can get a lot more. A guide in the important moments of your life and the freedom to live in harmony with everything around you.

Maybe starting out by attending a Yoga gym with an already motivated friend can be a good start.


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