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Socializing by smoking a cigarette? No thanks.

Waiting, at the bus or subway stop, in the waiting room of a train station, at the departure gate of a plane, or even when resting on a bench in a shopping mall, once it was very common exchange a few words with those who were sitting near us.

A bit of privacy and shyness starting a conversation with an unknown person has always been there, but the desire not to get bored during the waiting time was stronger.
Normally we started complaining about the behaviour of the weather: too hot, too cold, too much or little rain, or too many mosquitoes, etc.


If the neighbour responded with a smile, the mechanism was started and you could proceed with other general comments beginning to know a new person.

In countries where smoking has been forbidden in restaurants and public places, a new type of socialization was born for a while.
Outside the front door, or in a dedicated room, the nicotine intoxicated group could easily get to know a few other restaurant customers, and sometimes a new friendship between men and women was born.

Now it's not like that anymore. There is no time for these types of 'old' socialization, everyone is busy entertaining with their mobile phone, posting messages on social networks, checking their email, listening to music, playing interactive games, watching photos and videos, etc. All constantly connected and ... isolated.


How do you extend your acquaintances in the smartphone era?
How to break the wall of individual isolation?
You must use the method with which people today are used to communicating more easily.

  • Make an ad and explain what you are looking for: man, woman, couple, boy, girl, etc.
  • Why you are looking for it: simple friendship, to play sports together, to go shopping together, to travel together, to play together, to make new experiences, etc.
  • Where you are looking for it: in the city where you live, in the city where you will go to work, in the places where you would like to go on holiday, it is so on.

If you are not yet planning a project to do with new friends or if you have doubts about which topics might be more suitable, look at the menu Proposals to get other ideas.

Instead, if you have an interesting idea and you like to write, share your story with other readers by writing on this blog.
In attesa, alla fermata di un autobus o della metropolitana, nella sala di aspetto di una stazione del treno, al gate di partenza di un aereo, o anche quando ci si riposa seduti su una panchina in un centro commerciale, una volta era molto comune scambiare alcune parole con chi era seduto vicino a noi.

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You can write as well !
Publish ideas and proposals about how to meet new friends near home, on vacation, where people work or study.
Talk experiences and projects.
Recommended length 2000 - 5000 characters.
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