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Laughing is good for health and saves money.

Studies have been published concerning the behaviour of the human body when it is subjected to a period of time in which it often laughs.

It has been proven that laughter predisposes to a positive life system, promotes healthy living, increases the immune system and prevents cardiovascular disease.


It would therefore be useful to practice laughing every day for at least a few minutes. A kind of gymnastics of the mind, made with moments of relaxation and entertaining readings, frequenting of nice people and friends.

On the other hand, everyone knows that getting angry causes blood pressure to rise, puts the coronary heart at risk and damages the liver.

So, those who have spent a particularly difficult and tense day, need even more to make up for a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

There are techniques of relaxation of oriental disciplines that help to find the harmony of body and mind even in difficult moments of one's life.

We must always keep in mind that a balanced and relaxed mind favours social relations and initiates a positive mechanism. Furthermore, the "angry face" can make our interlocutors and friends uncomfortable with negative consequences.


In other words, a smile is surrounded by interlocutors who smile, anger triggers angry reactions.

Choose smiling and positive friends and partners if we want to live in harmony, even in moments a bit more difficult in our lives.

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