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Are you a person who renews or keeps?

Do you often create new ways of behaving in everyday life, or do you prefer to use the experiences already made?

For example:
Do you always do exactly the same way to go from home to work?
Do you always shop in the same places?


Do you always go on holidays in the same place for many years?
In the evening, do you go to bed at the same time?
Do you always frequent the same restaurants?
Do you always dress the same way?
Do you always buy the same brand of cars?

If you have always answered yes and you do not have the desire to change, your life is definitely conservative.

If you answered a few yes and many no, your creativity tries to emerge, but for some reason it remains repressed.

Sometimes we cannot be creative because we do not have time, repeating the same actions already done is certainly faster than inventing a new solution.


Other times we do not choose to be creative because we cannot afford to make mistakes, we want the safety of the result.
In other cases we are not creative because we do not have the courage to face a new situation.

In the first two cases it is the stress of life that forces us to always repeat the same things.
In the last case we need to increase our self-esteem or self-confidence to get a little more freedom of choice.

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