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A beer as a friend. Pleasure of taste or vice?

Drinking wine, liquor and beer has always been one of the most sought after pleasures of humanity, after sex naturally.

An archaeological excavation has found that already at the time of the ancient Egyptians, about 4 thousand years ago, a beer was produced with industrial methods and quantities, a sign that there was already a great demand, even at the popular level.


A moderate amount of red wine every day has positive effects for individuals in normal health, a glass (about 150 ml) for women and a maximum of two glasses for men.
Numerous studies have shown that it would bring benefits for the brain and the heart, decreasing the risk of stroke and heart attack and prevention of Alzheimer's.
The benefit of red wine derives from the presence of alcohol (increase of good cholesterol, reduction of blood clot formation and improvement of blood pressure) and from resveratrol (a substance that helps prevent damage to blood vessels and has a strong anti-oxidant action against of free radicals present in the cells).
Beware, despite ancient popular sayings, pregnant women should not drink alcohol at all.

In some countries, such as Italy and France, there is an ancient popular tradition at the national level with regard to table wine. Many years ago in some areas it was even thought that drinking water rather than wine at table was bad for health.


They knew well, however, that a husband who was often drunk was a damage for the family, so before agreeing to the wedding, generally the family of the future bride invited her future husband to dinner, trying to verify his ability not to get drunk.

In many other countries, women and men, but above all men, drink large quantities of beer.

An ancient proverb warns those who want to abuse alcohol: "Bacchus (god of wine), tobacco and Venus (goddess of love and beauty), reduce man to ashes".

Drinking a lot of alcohol together with friends can help to make long sincere chats, "in vino veritas" the Latins used to say ... but it has never been the best way to find friends, men or women.

Those who drink too much should start thinking seriously about reducing the amount of alcohol.
In fact, in addition to the most known problems of liver damage (and the stomach for those who drink a lot of beer), they must keep in mind that a drunken man can not have sex, he is powerless.

Although it is often believed that alcohol has an aphrodisiac effect, in reality only small doses can have a disinhibiting effect and improve sexual performance in both men and women. On the other hand, alcohol decreases the testosterone level in the blood causing the reduction of sexual desire, difficulty of erection, impotence and frigidity, so in other words the sexual function is inhibited.

As a result of the laws that prohibit the driving of a  car or motorbike when you are drunk, it has become easier to acquire new friends when you do not drink at all, when you have to go home.

The absolute prohibition of drinking alcohol has never been the solution to the problem. Even during the period of prohibition in the US, many people were still drunk, secretly, spending a lot of money, increasing the turnover of organized crime, corruption and mafias.

Look for friends with a free ad on ... and find the opportunity to make a toast if you drink moderately, or find the friend who gives you a motivation to stop drinking if you are aware of having the habit of drink too much.

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