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More girls, women like boxing for physical, mental wellbeing.

Is boxing a sport only for men? No, now many women have also found interest in this specialty and every year they increase with a double-digit percentage.
Suitable for girls and women from 14 up to 60 years.


Why has women's interest in boxing increased? Boxing quickly offers physical and mental wellbeing, perfects muscles, reduces fat under the skin, regulates metabolism and sleep, improves self-defence and increases self-esteem.
It is also a very amusing sport, this is not to be underestimated, because it reduces the risk of stopping the workout.

You can train without having physical contact with your opponent, as you do with the Soft Boxing: rope, abs, obstacle courses and the most fun part ... throwing punches on the bag.

Who instead needs blow off the steam of the day can engage in practicing Kick Boxing, it is a combat sport of Japanese origin.
Kick Boxing combines kicks, knees and punches together, but it is still practiced with adequate protections and precautions.

Of course, men love this sport too.


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