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Go sailing with friends.

Using the wind to navigate is not only an activity of skill and experience, but also an expression of poetry.
Being far from the shore in the sea, in the lake or even on a river, we are very close to nature and independent. We are far from the usual engine noises and are forced to listen and respect the wind direction.

After imagining this, we can choose with which type of boat we wish (or we can afford) to do our experience.


Windsurf, small sailboat, sailing catamaran or larger boats.
With windsurf or very small sailing boats we first have to learn (we usually need a specific course), because we will be alone to sail.

Learning how to balance and windsurf is not very difficult, but it requires a course of a few hours, because some basic techniques are essential.
To windsurf you need the same theory that you need sail a boat, you need to know how to exploit the wind, otherwise you will leave the shore ... without knowing how to return.

You do not need to know how to swim well, because a good life jacket is enough.
It does not even need a lot of strength, if you use the balance and the wind direction well, even girls and children can learn.
To learn it is better to start on a lake, because at sea the waves are often stronger.

As for boats, the catamaran is more stable and does not risk overturning, because it rests on two hulls. With bigger boats we can also be passengers.


In any case it would be useful to find a partner, maybe more capable than us, to share this experience.

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