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Doing sports with friends.

Playing sports is an activity that is good for both the body and the mind. We find in every magazine or even in TV programs always some reference to what sports are good for. We are constantly reminded, according to our age and our gender, that we have to develop muscles, reduce the belly, slim the legs, straighten the back to walk with an aesthetically elegant posture, become faster and more agile, control cholesterol, stimulate cardiac circulation and respiratory activity.


So why don’t we do it ?
Or at least, why are we doing so little ?
To answer this question, you need to think about what stimulation you should need to increase the amount of sport in your weekly activity.

Without getting to wait for a doctor to prescribe a sports activity for health problems, the most common answers could be that we should have more time, we should find a sport that entertains enough or we are afraid of doing too much effort.

According to some statistics, in reality the thing that stimulates more to do amateur sports is to do it with friends.
Moreover, if they are friends who have our same preferences, habits and athletic level, a certain complicity is established, we can improve together in sports practice and it is more rewarding.


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