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Running is not Jogging.

For joggers, running is just the tool to get an improvement in one's physical and mental form. Practicing jogging means improving circulation and breathing, strengthening the muscles, regulating one's weight, improving metabolism, keeping one's brain alert and reducing stress. In two words, becoming happier.


You do not have to jog too much anyway. One US institute carried out research on 3800 people, average age 46, women and men who practiced jogging. The study showed that people who habitually run for many kilometres each week have a shorter life. The reason has not yet been understood, but the experts all seem to agree with this statement.
In practice, the amount of reasonable jogging should be 2 or 3 hours per week.
Half an hour every day or one hour 3 times a week could be a good reference.

An easy-to-remember formula to calculate the calories that you burn during the run is the following: 1 kcal x kg of weight x km jogged. That is, to burn 250 kcal a woman of 50kg must run 5 km.
This also means that you cannot just refer to jogging to lose weight, but it is one of the actions you must take to have a healthy life.

Joggers run, but they do it without the stress of getting there first.


You may decide to jog in the morning, in the evening you are too tired, but even if you wake up at 6 00 you get used to it quickly.
You must create a strong motivation, so you risk less to interrupt.
Looking for someone who comes to jog with you is a good start.

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