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This site is a simple way to find friends, near home and away from home.
You can search for fellow travellers, sports mates, playmates or simply friends.
With you can publish free ads and know new friends, men and women, boys and girls, anywhere in the world.

Make an announcement describing with short sentences what you are looking for, try to use simple words and explain exactly for what purpose you want to find new friends.
We suggest that you write at least 20 or 30 words, but do not exceed the maximum limit of 300 characters.


The clarity of an ad conveys more confidence to the reader, also allows you to select more accurately people who really are looking for what you are looking for.

When a girl is looking for a boy or if a woman is looking for a man she can, for example, highlight the desire to travel or play sports together.

But in the adverts published in these pages you can also find friend requests with the sole purpose of going to dance, sing, find a guide to visit a tourist city, share the passion for pets like cats or dogs, or the passion for cooking ... or just go to dinner in some restaurant and spend an evening of fun.

Many girls and women seek friends to talk, exchange opinions and have fun, men often want to participate in sporting events with friends, but both the female and male gender loves to meet, travel, play, go to concerts and have new experiences when there is affinity in the desires and when they can trust the sincerity of those proposing a project.

There are those who would have the passion for walking in the park or in the mountains, or cycling, but do not find the right friends with free time in the same period; publish a free ad and increase the probability of finding company.


In other cases, there are men and women who after their 40s, 50s or 60s have adult kids and are now changing their life plans.
If I am looking for friendship with women or looking for friendship with men I could start with looking for friends for short or long trips, doing sports or just walking, dancing or attending dance schools ... or if I am not interested in sports, go shopping together.

Sometimes work obliges us to change city, again finding new friends becomes a commitment that requires a little imagination. Think about what to do in your free time, write what you enjoy and publish an advert.

Do you know a foreign language and would you like to improve it? new friends can help you and you can have fun together. Search for native-speaking friends of the language you would like to improve, near your home or even in another country.

Would you like to take a trip to explore places you do not know yet? if you become friends with some local person before leaving maybe you could organize better.


Do you travel the same road every day with your car? Or do you go home every month from the city where you moved to work? Maybe you can find a travel companion to share expenses and make friends.

On the Proposals menu page there are articles written by other users suggesting different ways to search and meet new friends.
Below you can find the link of the most read articles in these days.

Free ads to search for friends to play sports, travel, etc.

In the age of the Internet, one must use all means of communication available; with facebook we have seen that relationships between people can increase if the tools are used properly; with twitter we learned that the messages are read and understood more easily when they are short and precise.
Often possible friends, those who have our same interests and desires, live or work not far from our home, or come for holidays in our area, or we cross them while traveling.
In most cases, we do NOT have the opportunity to know them, that's a pity!
Post an advert and increase the chance to get to know these people and schedule meetings.







In this site you can meet people in a natural and simple way: you can choose friends according to the activities you want to do during your free time.

Seek for not only travel

Ask for not only sport

Find not only love

Our mental well-being depends on the relationships we have

The quality of relationships that we establish with other people directly affects our serenity, our self-esteem, reduces stress, in short, it makes us live better.
There are so many reasons for wishing to meet new people (•_•) , for example: simple friendship, spending time in a pleasant way, stimulus to do some activities with others, having fun together, know a new city, learn something from others, have the pleasure of teaching something, sharing of expenses or a desire to find love.