How it works?

  • Who you are. State your gender, age, your preferred language and if you know other languages.
  • Who you are looking for. State the gender of the people you are searching for this project: men, women, or both if for example you try to form a group of friends.
  • Which age. Select the age range of whom you wish to know.


  • Where you are looking for. Define the centre of the area in which you look for the person and where you will spend your free time in the next days, weeks or months.
    Those who read the ads can then select them based on a location and a search radius.
    The place and its radius are the reference area in which the project will start, for example:
    a) You are British. Are you looking for a French girl to make a trip to Japan? The reference area is France.
    b) You live near London. Do you want to show monuments and other tourist attractions of London to tourists of your age who come from anywhere in the world? The reference area is London.
  • What project. Briefly describe the activity or project that you want to propose. One ad for each activity and for each location. Maximum 3 photos and 300 characters for each ad. There are no limits in the number of ads. Your email and your private data are not published. You decide if and when to communicate them after you are contacted by who reads the ad. The photos are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended. The images increase the reader's attention for an advertisement. Sometimes it is not necessary to publish your own photo, alternatively you can attach images that represent the activity you are proposing.
  • Language. The language of the site can be changed among those available. The language of the ad and its title remain the original ones. If you feel it's appropriate, you can write an ad for each language you know. The Filter allows you to select only ads written in a specific language.
  • The first contact. When someone reads the list of ads and finds something interesting, he/she will click on the title and open the complete advertisement, including a map.
    In the complete advertisement page you can also find the CONTACT button, with this button you can directly contact the author of the advertisement.


  • The messages. To better protect privacy, never communicates email addresses. The correspondence is exchanged through the internal Mail of the site. Each user will decide voluntarily if and when to communicate his direct email. The confidentiality of the correspondence between sender and recipient is guaranteed. Nobody else can read the contents of the messages.
    The Mail page opens with the yellow button at the top of the menu, after logging in. For simplicity and security it is not possible to send attachments with the Mail of the site.