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Show your city to tourists.

One way to get to know other people, even foreigners, is to offer yourself free to show tourists some interesting places in your city.

On the web now the advice on places to visit are many. There are almost endless blog sites that tell the beauty of tourist areas and even areas reserved for the most adventurous people, with many descriptions and photos.

Less frequent, but more and more widespread, it is to advertise on the web to give to tourists the possibility to receive information on the spot about monuments, history, or even the nightlife of your city. You can do the same thing if you live in the hills or on mountains, for example by offering a walking in the woods or on the snow.


It is a creative method to meet people of all ages and even foreigners during your free time.
Sometimes the guide communicates that he is always a certain day of the week at some point in the city, at a certain time.
Other times he asks to write a message or an email to fix the time and date of the meeting.
Tourists who accept this type of offer may be groups of young men or women, families with children or elderly people, but generally with a great desire to communicate with who lives in the area they are visiting.

Usually those who visit a place have heard a lot about it and about its beauties, but usually they do not know the details yet, they risk leaving after a few days without having seen some of the best things. What's better than hearing other information directly from a person who lives in that area ?


Sometimes paid guided tours are too binding, other times with too many people.
Basically, it could be said that a tourist cannot refuse the offer of a free guided tour.

Do you want to show your town to tourists ?

Are you looking for friends to show your town ?

With an advert it is easy to find friends.
Moreover you can find people to go swimming, walking, dancing, traveling, skiing, fishing, playing cards, playing tennis, etc.

Sign up quickly and easily, it costs nothing.
When you are registered you can search other possible friends already registered.

Or make a free ad to find friends in the area you prefer. You can also read adverts and communicate with people who have other interests similar to yours.

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