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Donkey, horse, camel, dromedary, elephant

Riding is a sport that requires commitment, passion and a lot of time to learn.
But if you have never tried you should do it at least once, you would spend an unforgettable day.


For a truly complete experience, plan to try riding different breeds of animals: horse, donkey, elephant, camel and dromedary.
They are completely different animals, in size and especially in character, but the relationship that you can establish with them is always beautiful, even if for a few hours.

The height of these animals is different, about 1 meter the donkey, 1 and a half meters the horse, 2 meters the camel (2 humps) and the dromedary (1 hump), 3 meters the elephant ... those who suffer from vertigo should keep this in mind.

Usually the donkey and the camel are more docile to be ridden, but the owners know how to suggest you to ride the others as well.


Moreover, the places where these animals live are very different from each other and deserve to be visited sharing the experience with other friends.
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