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Climb the mountains with friends.

I'm not referring to the great famous climbs, Everest in Nepal, Cervino (Matterhorn) in Switzerland, etc., simply to amateur climbs, with modest difficulties, faced by tourists who are passionate about this kind of sport.

If you are thinking of start climbing in the mountains, you are surely already an athletic person, but you have to organize and refine your skills.
Before training to make a climb, you have to choose where and what you would climb, in order to prepare yourself properly.
The time of year when you will make the climb, the climate and the microclimate, the height of the mountain, the paths already marked by expert climbers and the slopes are crucial.


Not only physical strength and endurance are indispensable, mental capacity must also be taken into account to face difficulties and contingencies. Panic or too hasty decisions when you are roped can be dangerous.

Physical training should not be overlooked.
In addition you have to buy the appropriate equipment for the type of climb or you can think of renting it for the first few times.
In any case it is better to buy at least boots and clothes, because they are very important and must be comfortable.
Remember that the items you will buy should preferably be not very heavy. Bringing unnecessary weight with you is tiring and not convenient.
Naturally, the cost of a titanium object can make you prefer the steel, but everything is to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Being affiliated with a club can help to learn techniques and attend courses for beginners.
Make also an advert to look for friends of your same age and who have the same desire to start doing this sport.


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