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You can mountain bike even without becoming a great biker.

Cycling is fun, it does not pollute, does not cost anything, is good for your health.

Not only that, a doubt to which years ago it was believed now has been debunked, there is no link between cycling, even for many hours a week, and prostate problems.
A survey carried out in England in 2013 by a university in London has shown that there is no relationship between urogenital infections or male infertility and cycling, indeed, the likelihood that there is a positive relationship for the prevention of prostate cancer has emerged in an unexpected way.


You can do mountain biking even without becoming a great biker. The spirit of exploration and the desire to cycle the paths in the woods by those who practice this sport is very strong.
Who uses the racing bike has the goal to travel long distances at high speed.
Instead, the mountain bike tour is not measured only in kilometres, the places visited repay the effort.
In practice it is a similar experience to those who like long walks in the mountains and in the countryside, with the difference that biking you can make much longer routes and then see more things.

If you are not really expert, it is preferable not to jump and not pass on all the roots of the plants, those are things that belong more to cyclocross.


Without shame, with the mountain bike you can also decide to get off the bike before going down a challenging descent, better to carry the bike on your shoulder ... rather than make a ruinous fall in a wood.

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