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Cycling by bicycle. It's useful to ride bike with companions

The bicycle invented in the past as a means of transport has become a means of recreation. However, in the city, if there are adequate cycle paths and parking, the bicycle is often considered a valid alternative to the car.

For those who want to lose weight on the legs, the bike can be very interesting, the saddle supports 60-70% of body weight and therefore the movements of the lower limbs benefit. You can do just the spinning in the gym, but it is less fun than an outdoor bike, however it can be useful in the cold months and when it rains.


With 30 minutes of cycling, a rate of 90 - 100 pedal strokes per minute you can burn about 250 kcal. Experts say that a lot of oxygen is needed to burn most fat, so it is preferable to stay below the aerobic threshold (i.e. breathing should not be too fast).
If you use an instrument to measure heartbeat, it is preferable not to exceed 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.

For those who especially want to have fun and keep fit, the outdoor bicycle is preferable. It is also useful to find the right companions to ride a bike. Some love racing bikes and travel tens of kilometres in a single day, others prefer to explore the country roads with mountain bikes.

Even those who love to ride alone, may find interest in joining a friend when going out on a bike. Usually during the excursions you set a destination and when you arrive it is pleasant to rest talking in front of a drink or having a snack with friends.

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