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Cruise for singles, do organized trips work?

Organized travel offers for singles are widespread on the web, the market for people searching for a soul mate is thriving.

The problem is not to understand if the trip is well organized. Now the formula is always the same: dance evenings, shared tables, sexy games, gym, swimming pool, everything is done to stimulate socialization even for the shyest people.

I'm wondering instead if many of the women and men taking part in a singles cruise can return home satisfied that they have got what they are looking for.


One could argue that in a ship with more than 3,000 single passengers eager to meet the soul mate there should be a high possibility of forming many couples. This is true, but the problem remains in the quality of the partner you want to find.
If you are looking for an adventure of very short duration, the place is certainly suitable and promising. If instead you have a preference for longer relationships, maybe you might be disappointed.

The reasoning leads to the natural selection of the majority of women and men who frequent this type of travel.
I do not want to absolutely judge the choice of those who prefer short relationships and those who dream of long-lasting relationships.
I just want to highlight the criticality of this type of travel.

Another element to take into consideration is the age of the participants. I do not think the organizers are concerned with selecting the age and gender of those who participate. Everything is left to the probability of large numbers.
So it is possible that a vacation brings very different results compared to another.

I am of the opinion that a cruise is a very nice moment to share with a partner, but the companions who are on board the ship generally last for the period of the vacation and almost always live far from your home.
If you are looking for a partner or simply a friendship that is not short-lived, it would be more appropriate to try to find it before getting on the ship, to increase the chances of success.


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