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Gambling and women. Risk, money and social life.

The passion for risk has always been the driving force of all activities around the world. Since childhood, we have been learning to walk, to grow up, to live new experiences motivated by curiosity and the ability to take risks. Natural selection rewards those who dare to risk more. Those who do not risk do not experience, experiences teach us to live better.


It is said that luck hits only once, you have to seize the moment.
However, there are at least two risk categories: random risk managed only by luck and weighted risk which is based on manual ability, mental ability, commitment, perseverance and only partially to chance.

Gambling is usually part of the random risk group, but there are some games, such as poker, bridge or burraco, that require a strong component of mental skill and training. So much so that they are also recognized as sports games, not for the body, but for the mind.

Most players in the casinos like to play non-binding and more passive games. For example, slot machines: you play, wait for the result that comes after a few seconds, you enjoy or get angry, then you play again, etc., to infinity, compulsively and stereotypically.

Less stereotyped, but still passive are the different types of lotto and bingo, the latter is often prevalent among the elderly and promotes socialization.
Other games have an intermediate degree of chance because they are slightly more active. For example: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Dice and all their variations.


There are also official gambling halls, underground clubs and telephone bookmakers for less sophisticated people, to bet on horse racing, dogs, boxing matches, football games, in some countries even cockfights or other animals. Betting wherever there is a competition, legal and illegal, licit and illicit bets.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, it is often possible to bet on strange things, such as the winner of the next elections, if a penalty is imposed during a given football match or the color of the dress of a princess on her wedding day.
Despite some news on the net, it seems impossible to bet on the date on which the end of the world will take place. For a very simple reason: those who guess the date will not be able to collect the winnings anyway.

You can play with all currencies: dollars, euros, pounds sterling, yen, rubles, swiss francs ... and even digital currencies like Bitcoins of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Can you meet new friends, women and men, with gambling?
No, with online games. Yes, if you go to the gaming halls where you have to go in person, but only if you are not completely in the passion of the game and better if you can have a little luck not to play the role of the game loser.

Sometimes, in some gambling halls, male or female clients often try to start a conversation with other players when they have already lost too much money. Especially with those who win ... maybe to share some of that joy they did not have the chance to receive that day.

With gambling, however, the movement of large sums of money has a strong appeal. The fun and the excitement come not only from the game, but from the hope, sometimes just for a short period of time, to make a lot of money easily, effortlessly.
For those who already have a lot of money, in many cases, enthusiasm for the game stems from the desire to publicly demonstrate that they can lose big money in seconds, without flinching.

The often luxurious premises also play an important role. A place that unites rich and poor, clever players and gambling addicts in a single hall, each with their own dreams more or less hidden, but all proud and firmly convinced to be part of a small circle of people who love and know how to dominate the risk.
A global turnover of a colossal amount, superior to any other market.

Don’t you still know friends who would like to share the gaming experience with you?
This site is at your disposal to find good friends for your new experiences.

If you are not attracted to the game, do not worry, not everyone likes it and many fear it.
You can also search for friends for any other experience, just describe your plans, dreams, or desires in your ad.

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