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Love for your job and love for your family.

The passion for work, the so-called career or for those who want to define it in a more derogatory way the passion to earn more money, sometimes comes into competition with the time dedicated to the family.

From an anthropological point of view our ancestors had already made a practical choice based on the physical characteristics of man and woman.
The man goes to get food because he has the most powerful muscles, the woman is dedicated to the family because when she expects a child, or is breast-feeding, she is forced to perform a less demanding activity from a physical point of view.


Today things have changed a lot, the physical effort to do the work has changed and the professional career can be undertaken by both men and women.

Instead, the practical need to earn money to meet the needs of the family remains.

Here the conflict is formed, both for the man and for the woman who works: how much time do I have to devote to work and study and how much time do I have to give to the family and to the love life?
The answer is not simple, but certainly not a fixed percentage, because it also depends on the period of our life in which we ask this question.

If we are facing a particular moment of our work activity, the time to be reserved for work could be very relevant.

Another important factor is the success you get with work.
If success is very satisfying, work may prevail over family life.

Likewise, if success does not come despite efforts, but still seems to be achievable, the gambler's syndrome may arise: I spend even more time and money at work despite the losses ... because I'm sure I'll be able to reach the target.

Of course the balance is not the same for each of us, everyone has to make its own assessments and choices of social life.
However a recent study in the United States has calculated that the happiest families have a medium-low income.

People with a high income often do not have enough free time for the family and to spend properly the money they are earning .

So: family or career? I'm optimistic, you can balance the two things, but it takes collaboration and understanding from both partners.

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