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Friends to confide your secrets. Friendship and love.

It is often said that those who find a friend find a treasure, but with the word friends we often define a large number of people around us, even those we know rather little.

Many times we have the opportunity to think about whether a certain person is behaving like a friend, or take advantage of our sincerity and affection.


But how to define a true friendship?
Some important points:

  1. The true friend does not have the same characteristics for everyone, also depends on us, our character and what we expect from others.
  2. Mutual respect.
  3. Mutual esteem.
  4. The quality of friendship and the need for friendship must be reciprocal.

It cannot last for long, a relationship between two people in which one alone gains significant advantages over the other.
In the relationship of friendship, as well as in the relationship of love, the flow of benefits must be two-way.

The benefits may have different forms and characteristics, but the balance must be in equilibrium.
To better evaluate this concept you can imagine a commercial exchange.


The value of an object is subjective and also varies even if the competition offers a similar product, so there are friends and "friends more friends".
When a friend confides in you, you must know how to listen, when he asks you for advice, you must know how to lead him to the right answer.
You cannot impose your solution, it does not work like that.

As for trust, it must be earned over time. You can give love and affection, but trust must be deserved in the field.
To avoid risks and displeasure, trust must be granted in small doses that are gradually increased and checked occasionally.
As my grandfather used to say: "Trusting is beautiful, but not trusting is better".

At this point the usual question comes spontaneously: what is the difference between friendship and love? Attention, to deepen the topic well we must distinguish between the definition of love and that of sex.
In this case I refer to love, not to sex.

I repeat the question: what is the difference between friendship and love?
Only a matter of intensity of the relationship. In both cases we have an experience of esteem, interest and desire more or less strong to stay with the other person in many moments of our day (personally, on the phone or with a message).

When instead two people in love can consider themselves also friends?
Always, if it is sincere love. In a true friendship relationship there should not be secrets and even in love it should be like that.

Naturally, when sex also enters with love, another chapter opens up, generally positive, but it is not always that way.
On the contrary, you can start with sex and get to love and friendship.
A path that is psychologically a bit complex, but many go on this way with the hope of getting to the end.

Whatever type of roads you wish to travel, the problem is always in the choice of the person with whom to share this experience.
An already difficult choice in itself, but above all it requires a wide range of people to choose from.

Socializing and getting to know a sufficient number of friends is essential.
Make ads and propose projects looking for people which have character affinities with you.
Si dice spesso che chi trova un amico trova un tesoro, però con la parola amici spesso definiamo una grande quantità di persone intorno a noi, anche quelle che conosciamo piuttosto poco.

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