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Is Tinder a valid application for finding friends?

It depends on what you are really looking for.
If you try to find a true friendship using the internet you have to look for it on sites that are not too used for "hit and run".
To put it in other words, it depends on the site where you place the ad.


According to the comments on the net, Tinder has become over time a site of very competitive transitional appointments.
Frequented in the majority by men seeking an occasional adventure and often by women who love to receive messages and courtship, but rarely respond.

Whatever your idea of friendship or type of partner to search for, I would advise you to make at least some ads on different sites.
In this way it will be possible to receive more easily answers that may be close to what you are hoping to obtain.

An important tip, if you use free sites you have the possibility to increase the number of your ads without cost issues.
The site (where you are reading this post) is completely free, the only source of gain is the advertising that you read on the side of the pages. is characterized by a type of mixed users.
Here it is offered the opportunity to meet people to make friends and find, if desired, even love, but through the communication of their interests, hobbies, dreams, hopes, communication skills, etc.

In other words, the tendency of this site is not to exaggerate in any direction, I can easily say what this site is not:

  • it is not a marriage agency, but you can also hope to find the love of your life.
  • it is not a place where people only look for sex, but men and women in real life also have this kind of experience and desire.
  • there is no prejudice to any form of homosexuality, men and women who make the ads only have to clarify with simple words who they are looking for.
  • it is not only attended by people who want to do sports, in addition to the gym you can meet people for travelling, going to cinema, chatting, shopping, dining together or simply meeting in a pub.
  • it is not only reserved for forming couples, you can also try to form groups of friends.
  • it is not a site that profiles users, no advertising messages are sent, no spam is sent, the only economic source of the site is the advertising that appears next to the page.

What characteristics must an effective ad have?
Internet and real life are increasingly similar: you have to make yourself noticed!
Get noticed in a positive way, obviously.

Who reads your ad must have an incentive to look for you.
Your ad must contain enough words to trigger the curiosity to get each other better acquainted.

A secret that each of us knows, but very often we do not learn to apply correctly.
Based on genetics, men are driven primarily by sex, women by feelings.
If you want to find a point of mediation for these basic natural features, you must learn to manage them in a balanced way.

The initial stated purpose should be to do something fun: walking, travelling, shopping, having a drink in a pub or listening to music together, and so on.
Define exactly what you are looking for. You can also look for relationships that are not strictly traditional, but you should be open and clear since from the beginning.

Compared to real life, appointment sites have the advantage of:

  • allow you to select first with whom you want to deepen a relationship.
  • reduce the embarrassment a lot because you can analyze the words you have to say with more peace of mind.
  • allow you to meet people you would not have been lucky enough to meet.
  • connecting two or more people who would not know they had shared desires.

If you make an ad devotes at least 15 minutes to choose the words, they are essential to present and draw attention to you.

Immediately claiming to be looking for sex seems frankly uninteresting and even a little rude.
Sex arrives if and when there is a sufficient psychological feeling.

At least one photo is very important, if you do not want to be recognized publicly you can post a meaningful image based on the message you want to send.
For example, a picture in the shadows, just the mouth, the eyes, the feet, the hands, an object or an animal that can mean something to you, and so on.

Even the first answer to an ad is very important.
You must never disappoint the recipient of your post.

To break the ice, it would be important to try and start one or two interview topics, easy but interesting for everyone.

  • do not send messages that are all the same, even the first message must convey the idea of being personalized
  • at the beginning ask only essential questions, so as not to invade privacy
  • talk about where you live
  • describe what you are fond of
  • describe something of your character and your physical appearance, if you find it useful
  • if you send a photo do not do ... tricks, the photo must be recent, it is possible that sooner or later you will meet.
  • education and kindness are however fundamental

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